Pave the Park – brick installations for August 2018

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Pave the Park – brick installations for August 2018

Pave the Park – brick installations for Aug 2nd, 16th, and 23rd

The park is always changing. Plants and trees grow and die, come and go, and so do some of the accessories and equipment we’ve placed here and there. So it has happened with some of our park benches.

Ornate bench at Lakes Regional Park, Fort Myers FL A collection of ornate white-painted park benches in the gardens are old and weathered. Most of these benches bore dedications. Judging from some of the dates on the dedications, they may have been around for nearly 30 years.  Parks & Rec will remove these benches. The Foundation has ordered engraved bricks to replace the old bench dedications. These bricks have been placed in the Rose Garden.

At some point, the Foundation would like to replace the worn benches. We have been quietly piloting a bench dedication program with a tiny handful of donors, but we admit that the program is “not ready for prime time” yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we have solidified a bench dedication program that helps to improve the park and meets County compliance requirements.

REMINDER: Some factors out of the Foundation’s control can influence the amount of time between receiving your order and getting the brick into the ground. We announce brick installations here on our blog, on our Facebook page, and in our email blastsPlease allow up to 8 weeks before making inquiries.  Thank you for your patience. 

Hhere are the brick installations for August. Click the photos to make them bigger:

Rose Garden:

Brick installations in the Lakes Regional Park Rose Garden

ROSE GARDEN:  Liam Campbell, Lisa A Talbott


Brick installation Rose Garden

Locator photo – Campbell and Talbott


Bricks installed in the Rose Garden at Lakes Park in Fort Myers, FL - August 2018

ROSE GARDEN: Stephanie Segarra, Ron Yeh, Brian Monroe (did she say “yes”?), and some bench replacement bricks – William Goggins, Libby Travers, Shirley Palmer, American Hibiscus Society, Sylvia Dausman


Rose Garden locator photo

Locator photo – Segarra, Yeh, Monroe, bench replacement bricks


Train Museum:

Brick installations train museum

Train Museum – Meaghan Onofrey, Steve Zimmer *  

* NOTE – this brick was damaged during the installation process. It will be replaced in the next order. STEVE, please look for replacement sometime in September. We apologize!

Brick Installations train musuem

Locator photo – Onofrey & Zimmer 


Bricks at the Train Museum August 2018 Lakes Park Fort Myers

TRAIN MUSEUM: Rob ONeil, Allison Connell, Michele Reese, Georgia Brooks


Train Museum, Locator photo - ONeil, Connell, Reese, Brooks

Locator photo – ONeil, Connell, Reese, Brooks


Children’s Garden: 

Children's Garden - Mary Ann Markell

CHILDREN’S GARDEN – Mary Ann Markell, Meredith Mestan 


Children's Garden locator photo - Markell

Locator photo – Markell, Mestan 

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