LDS Church volunteers in the gardens, April 14th 2018 LDS Church volunteers in the gardens, April 14th 2018

A team of volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints came to help in the gardens at Lakes Park on April 14th.

During the summer, we try to maintain the gardens to the standard the public has become accustomed to over the winter, when snowbird volunteers are plentiful.  We weed and mulch the beds, prune the unruly, rake the leaves, propagate, organize, repair, and replenish – whatever needs to be done to keep the gardens looking good.

By time April rolls around each year, the majority of our snowbird volunteers have gone north for the summer. It’s always a challenge to find help during the off-season. That’s why we are so grateful when teams of volunteers like these show up to help us!

Are you willing to help maintain the gardens over the summer? Do you know a corporate team, a church group, or a youth organization interested in helping out?  EMAIL US at INFO@LAKESPARK.ORG