Lakes Park News from the Gardens

September 2019

Donations galore!

Peter and Nancy McGrain donated three silk floss trees to the gardens which they propagated themselves from seeds.

Peter and Nancy McGrain donated three silk floss trees which they propagated themselves from seeds.


Donated silk floss trees waiting to be planted in the gardens

Volunteer garden manager Kathy Busick was astonished at how tall the silk floss trees are, and is in the process of selecting their forever home in the park.


Green Care Recycling

Speaking of donations, look what Green Care Recycling brought us!


Truck dumping soil for the gardens

We are very grateful to Vincent Simonelli for his generosity in supplying the gardens at Lakes Park with yards and yards of potting soil and organic compost.  You ROCK! 


Green Care driver

Nathaniel expertly guided the giant truck full of rich garden soil through the Children’s Garden archway, and did not hit a single sprinkler head – well done, Nathaniel!

Safety in the Gardens – Please Help! 


Pedestrian only signs in the garden

Have you noticed the signs, especially the ones attached to orange traffic cones? They say “Pedestrians Only” in the gardens?


Pedestrians only in the gardens

Bicycles, Segways, skateboards, roller skates, and inline skates can represent a hazard for visitors strolling the gardens and for volunteers and staff working there. It can be especially hazardous when young children are playing in the gardens. 


Pedestrians only traffic cone

The park has miles of trails just waiting for folks on bikes, skates, and segways. Please, if you see a cone on the path or other signage that says “Pedestrians Only”, please be respectful!

The ONLY exception to the “pedestrians only” rule…

statue of boy on a bike

This is the ONLY bicycle allowed in the gardens! Park staff recently relocated The Boy on the Bike statue from a small “island” on the Riva del Lago side of the park to a shady spot in the Children’s Garden. He joins Boy Pushing Girl on Swing, Freddie the Frog, and Timmy the Tortoise, already in place when he arrived. We sometimes wonder what they do at night when no one is looking…


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