Lakes Park Community Garden donates produce to the Community Cooperative in Fort Myers

Lakes Park Community Garden donates harvest to Community Cooperative

The Lakes Park Community Garden made another successful donation on January 24th to the Community Cooperative .

Sixty-two pounds of canned goods and produce were collected, bringing the total to 394 lbs. for the first two months of this season. Many thanks all who have participated in the Garden’s proud of their tradition of giving.


The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation's Community Garden has donated a total of 394 pounds of food during the first two months of the 2016-2017 harvesting season.Volunteer Bill Johnson led the harvesting effort, assisted by Jan Johnson (bed #65). Donations were harvested from a number of beds, including #13, #15, #18, #21, #38, #39, #48, #59, #65, and #75.

The next donation date will be on 2-07-2017. To donate food or volunteer to help with the harvest, please email Bill Johnson