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Fragrance Garden

A Natural Destination for Plant Lovers
queen's wreath #2 Lakes Park 4_19_13The Fragrance Garden at Lakes Park is a place everyone in southwest Florida can enjoy. The Fragrance Garden encompasses 18 acres within the park and presents a new opportunity for creative exploration, a destination for those who seek inspiration, and a place to simply appreciate what comes naturally. We hope that our garden can provide an opportunity for classroom trips, family outings, or just provide a calm place to think and to enjoy nature. The Fragrance Garden includes a variety of gardens such as the succulent collection, ginger garden, the butterfly garden, heritage rose garden, vertical garden, water garden, bromeliad garden and wedding gazebo.

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Children's Garden

The Children's Garden is a work in progress. Phase 1, the ABC Garden, is completed. Phase 2, the Pollination Station, is in the planning stages.
shutterstock_156648266The Vision is the creation of a garden where families gain a sense of exploration and discovery through interaction with plants and participate in gardening experiences. To this end, we will develop a garden which will enrich each child’s sensory appreciation of plants and understanding of how life is woven in a web of interdependence.

The garden is a work in progress. Lee County Parks & Recreation funded the installation of the sidewalks through the garden area. After several years of fundraising, the ABC Garden was installed during the winter of 2018, along with more than 100 engraved bricks donated by well-wishers and benefactors. Fundraising is ongoing, to support more phases such as the Pollination Statio and the Sun Garden. We welcome community support and the opportunity to name a garden for generous garden benefactors.

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Story Time in the Garden

Looking for a fun activity for your little one? While enjoying Lakes Park, stop by the garden for Story Time in the Garden, which is an opportunity for children 3 to 5 years of age to experience the Botanic Garden and listen to a story! Click here to contact us for information.
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Questions regarding Lakes Park Botanic Garden?

Contact us at or call 239-533-7575

Patrons of Lakes Park, including Community Gardeners, are required to pay for parking. Currently, parking fees are:

  • $Per Hour
  • $Per Day
  • Or $60 for an Annual Pass

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Community Garden

A Place for Locals to Grow Their Own
Community-gardens-small-picThe Community Garden of Lakes Park is an opportunity for citizens to rent garden beds to cultivate produce or flowering species. This progressive concept is an effort to revive the practice of growing produce and planting close to home. Lee County residents can rent one of the 4′ x 8 ‘ raised beds for just $60 per year. We also offer classes taught by extension personnel and local growers each month! The Community Garden is a more efficient method of sharing excess produce which is donated to a local food bank. Visit the garden or click here to contact us for information!

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We're bringing growing back!

All of the proceeds for the $60 annual Community Garden rental will benefit Lakes Park! Bed rentals are available to all “Local-Vores”, a.k.a. community citizens wishing to cultivate produce or flowering species within the Community Garden of Lakes Park. We want to revive the practice of growing produce and planting close to home to encourage healthy eating and natural lifestyles.

There is currently a wait list for reservations for space at the Lakes Park Community Garden.  To be placed on the waiting list, contact us.

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