Park bench in Lakes Regional Park, Fort Myers Florida, with dedication stone

New bench in the Fragrance Garden, recently replaced and dedicated by Susan Bologna (many thanks!)

Introducing Lakes Park’s Bench Dedication Program

UPDATED 06/16/2020

The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation is pleased to announce our new Bench Dedication Program.  This program was piloted during 2018 and refined according to the “lessons learned”. Some donors dedicated existing benches, while others helped us to purchase new benches. These new benches replaced those that had become unsafe or were just plain uncomfortable.

Bench awaiting dedication in Lakes Park, Fort Myers Florida

Existing bench recently dedicated by the Sklodowski Family

How It Works

  • Donors who are interested in dedicating a bench are escorted around the park on a bench tour. The escort includes a member of the Foundation and a member of the Lee County Parks & Recreation staff. Donors are driven around the park in a golf cart to view all the options.

  • Upon selection of an available option, donors fill out a dedication worksheet and submit it to the Foundation with their donation.

  • The Foundation orders the bench and dedication stone.

  • If the donor selects an existing bench, only a dedication stone is ordered.

  • Upon delivery, the bench and/or dedication stone are installed by Parks & Recreation staff.

  • The process typically takes about 8 weeks from the time the donation is submitted.

Bench awaiting replacement and dedication in Lakes Park, Fort Myers FL

Candidate bench for replacement and dedication – secluded spot up the marsh trail, opposite the Riva Del Lago fountains

How To Get Started

  • Bench tours are currently available on Thursday afternoons between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

  • To make a bench tour appointment, please email Erin White at 

More Information – BENCH CATALOG updated on June 16th, 2020

Complete bench catalog plus policy outlining terms and conditions of the bench program; includes bench dedication worksheet.

2020-06-16 Lakes Park Bench Dedication Catalog & Policy