Lakes Park Community Garden Fort Myers, FL

If you are interested in the Community Garden…

UPDATE JUNE 10th, 2020:  The current rental period will expire on September 30th, 2020. Availability of beds will be announced via email blast targeted to those interested in the Community Garden.  Please sign up for the email list at this link – check the box for Community Garden Notifications:

Community Garden Notifications mailing list:

We typically receive two or three inquiries per week from those of you who are interested in becoming members of the Community Garden at Lakes Park. Your interest is appreciated. It is our pleasure to provide a place for full- and part-time residents to grow their own food.

Benefits and responsibilities of membership

  • Enjoy camaraderie with like-minded gardeners

  • Keep beds orderly and volunteer to help keep the rest of the garden tidy

  • Help us to harvest and donate food to the Community Cooperative soup kitchen

  • Enjoy educational experiences and Community planting activities.

  • Make wonderful friendships with their fellow gardeners

  • Help to feed the community with surplus produce

  • Grow and eat REAL food

It’s no wonder that everyone wants to join! There are only 72 beds available for rental.  We devised a way to notify all who are interested of any vacancies, without causing an administrative nightmare for our volunteers. Here’s how it works:

Right now, we are in the renewal period for the 2019-2020 growing season.  The renewal deadline is September 30th; by October 1st, we will release the unrenewed beds.  At that point, we will send an email to the Community Garden Notifications mailing list and announce what’s available. It will be first come, first served – whomever replies first gets to apply for a bed. We will repeat this process throughout the year, making any vacancies available for a new gardener applications through the mailing list.


However, sometimes a bed will become available during the growing season.

Please join the notifications list to be notified! 

Here is a link to get yourself on the Community Garden Notifications mailing list:

Again, thanks for your interest. We believe this is the best and most fair system for keeping the beds rented and keeping the community happy.

UPDATED on August 28th, 2019