Girl Scouts, plant 60 new trees at Lakes Park

Local Girl Scout troops teamed up with to plant 60 trees (17 varieties!) at Lakes Park in Fort Myers.

Local Girl Scout troops partnered with to plant 60 new trees at Lakes Park earlier this month. 17 different varieties now grow in a marshy area just north of the Fragrance Garden, along the creek that separates the park from Lakes Park RV.

Why plant trees?

According to

“Trees are the lungs of our planet, purifying and cooling the air, water and earth. At its healthiest, Earth had about 6 trillion. We’re down to 3 trillion. Our planet is surviving on 50 percent “lung capacity.” … Florida is among the first and most heavily-impacted states. The Everglades was triple its current size 150 years ago. “

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Lee County Parks & Rec estimated that 300 trees were killed in Lakes Park alone – a staggering loss for a significant suburban green space. Wildlife depend on trees for habitat, nesting, and food. Humans depend on trees for some of the same reasons, plus respite from the heat and sun, and oxygen to breathe (trees release oxygen as a by product of photosynthesis).

Prior to the planting event, Lee County Parks & Recreation prepared the site. Site prep was assisted by Elemental Stone and Water Works. Mulch to help the new trees survive and thrive was donated by MW Horticulture Recycling. Additional volunteers were provided by Advance Solar.  The participation of so many organizations made this truly a cooperative community effort.

After the event, Girl Scout Troop 226 blogged about the event – check it out! Fort Myers Girl Scout branch out for a good cause. Photos of the event (shared with us by Wil Revehl of can be viewed here: CLICK ME