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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Pave The Park – brick donations at Lakes Park

Have a question about the brick donation program at Lakes Park? Find answers here in our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can I write anything I want on the brick?

    Lee County prefers that we no longer engrave “memorial language”, so use words like “Dedicated to…” or “In honor of…” instead.  The County and the Foundation reserve the right to reject any engraving request either organization deems inappropriate.

  • What are my payment options?

    • You can mail the form to the address printed on it with a check, OR you can pay online and email the form.

    • You can pay online by clicking hereThen you can scan it, take a photo, whatever works for you – as long as we can read your information, you can pay online and email your brick engraving form to and save a stamp!

  • When will the brick I donated be installed?

    It can take up to 8 weeks from the time we receive your oder until the time the brick is installed. Although bricks are sometimes installed sooner than that, we don’t control the engraving or installation process, so we cannot hurry things along.

  • Will you let me know when the brick I donated is installed?

    We publish photos of installed bricks here on our website,  on Facebook, and in our monthly email blast. We are unable to notify brick patrons individually.

  • Help! I can’t find my brick. What should I do? 

    If you are sure that we received your payment and engraving instructions more than 8 weeks ago, AND you are sure that we have installed it, but you still cannot find it in the park, then please EMAIL