Weeding in the Lakes Park Community Garden Community Garden – Inaugural Work Day, October 2018

Have you ever wandered by the Community Garden and marveled at how neat and pretty it is? That’s because the Park has the best volunteers ever! The first official work day of the 2018-2019 growing season was held on October 8th. Community Garden members gathered to weed-whack, make minor repairs, organize the gardening tools, and make the place spiffy.

Some of the beds are showing signs of age. We’ve received a quote from the County to replace these ailing beds. Once the Foundation has approved the budget, we’ll submit an order.

Over the summer, we worked on modernizing the Community Garden bed rental process. We now have an online process, offering renewals and new rentals alike via email notification. This cuts down on the amount of volunteer labor, paper, and associated postal costs required to administer the Community Garden program. If you want to be notified of available garden beds, please visit this page (click) for instructions.

As more and more snowbirds return to Southwest Florida, you can expect the Community Garden to burst with color and texture. Many of the gardeners typically produce an excess of food. We take extra produce to the Community Cooperative’s soup kitchen. Last year, the Community Garden collected and donated over 1,000 pounds of food.

Will the Lakes Park Community Garden be successful in beating their own food donation record? Stay tuned…