Lakes Park Fort Myers Children's Garden Brick Installations January 16thth 2018

Patrons: Pat and Matt Warner

Brick Installations at Lakes Park for January 16th, 2018

A few more bricks have been engraved and delivered to Lakes Park for installation.  It was a long list, but we’re picking away at it, slowly but surely.

The bricks pictured to the left were installed in the Children’s Garden, However, we have two other brick installation locations at Lakes Park where we can place bricks. One location is by the Train Museum. We especially like the row of bricks that surrounds “the circle”.

The other brick installation location is in the Rose Garden, in a courtyard adjacent to the brown gazebo.  Using our brick engraving form, you can select whichever location you prefer.

Here is a recent brick installation from the Rose Garden:

Brick Installations for Jan 16th, 2018

Patrons: Mr & Mrs Phelan

And here is another for the Children’s Garden –

Brick Installations for Jan 16th, 2018

Patron: Katherine Caldwell

Engraved bricks make great gifts. People buy them to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. They also order bricks to pay tribute to parents and grandparents, memorialize a departed loved one, or commemorate a special event, such as graduation from college or the birth of a chile. Patron after patron have expressed their delight at being able to visit and re-visit their bricks.

Lots of brick slots are still available, so if you missed the first round, fear not!  Just click this link and you can see YOUR brick installed, too: DONATE A BRICK.  And don’t forget to watch our Facebook page for news about this year’s Brick by Brick Picnic. It will be held on March 18th in the Children’s Garden. We’ll have food, music, and plenty of family-friendly fun – save the date! You can also CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE to our monthly email blast to stay informed.