A brick honoring Monet Armenia was installed near the Train Museum on May 9th, 2018

Brick by Brick: Remembering Monet Armenia

We’ve received a brick engraving request with a unique backstory – printed with permission:

Dear Lakes Park Foundation: 

John and Joseph Armenia started the Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation, and put several fundraising activities in place. The Armenia Group also donated several improvements to the park, including landscaping and the train tunnel. They also started the brick program.

Joe was my daughter Monet’s husband, until July 2014, when she passed away. They lived and worked in Fort Myers and Monet often brought  her son Aiden and later Jackson to the park to ride the train, play in the playground and the water park, etc. I have wonderful memories of our special times at Lakes Park.

My husband Frank and I winter in Fort Myers for a few months each year. I recently saw the sign for the brick engraving program and I knew Monet should have a brick near the train station. She enjoyed taking the boys on the train and they loved it. I now take my youngest daughters on the train etc. when they visit each winter.

Thank you all for doing this.


Alison Caputy