Birding at the Park – May 2020

Parks & Rec staff and Lee County Bird Patrol have reported some birding and wildlife  sightings at Lakes Park.

Here are some photos (thank you!).


Limpkins (Aramus guaruana) are tropical wetlands birds, and are year-round residents of Florida. They come specially equipped with a bill that  is ideal for extracting apple snails from their shells. Lakes Park has had an abundance of apple snails in recent years. We noticed how plentiful they are shortly after Hurricane Irma. This may mean  a great deal of them were carried along on the flood waters from elsewhere. A clutch can consist of 4-7 eggs. Limpkin chicks can swim, walk, and run from birth.  CLICK here  to find out more about limpkins from Cornell Lab



The killdeer plover (Charadrius vociferus) is known for being noisy, and also for pretending to have a broken wing in order to deflect attention away from the nest. It is mostly the male killdeer that builds the nest, and he may get an assist from the female toward the end of construction. Read more about the killdeer HERE. 


A juvenile least bittern was spotted at the Park

Juvenile least bittern hiding in the tall grasses

The least bittern (Ixobrychus exilis) is a member of the heron family. They are well-camouflaged, and really don’t want to be found. Least bitterns can hunt between the reeds due to their unusual ability to compress their bodies into small space. They can also hang on to a reed in order to hunt in water that is deeper than their legs are long.  Here’s the link,  you know what to do!  


Lee County Bird Patrol report May 25th 2020