The Lakes Park Special Donation Program

Our Special Donation Program is a chance for you to memorialize your donation in a friend or family’s name. Our special donation options include:

  • Tree Endowment
  • Pavilion or Nature Sculpture
  • Brick Endowment
  • A Corporate Sponsorship
  • A Bench Endowment
  • A Donation from $100 – $10,000 to our Botanic Garden

If you are having trouble securing your special donation, please contact us at (239) 533-7575 or

The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation’s $500 Tree Endowment Program

Part of the Lakes Park Master Plan, focuses on the replacing invasive exotic vegetation with new landscaping. The Tree Endowment Program offers donors the opportunity to endow a tree at various gift levels. Donors will be recognized with a plaque at the tree’s base, a certificate of the endowment, and a photo of the donor with their tree. This program allows you the unique opportunity to endow in perpetuity either a Sabal Palm, an Oak Tree, and/or a Royal Palm in Lakes Park, allowing you the opportunity to visit and watch it grow throughout the years.

The memorial trees are already planted throughout the park. Your tree will be a Sable Palm or Florida Oak. Your tree of choice will feature 3X6 plaque mounted on a 4X4 stake placed in front. Each plaque is limited to 4 lines and each line is limited to 24 characters.
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$1,500 Park Bench Endowment

Your donation will assist in installing new benches throughout the park. Benches will be placed in several locations throughout the park and will have engraved plaques of recognition. To purchase and/or to to schedule a tour to pick out your bench, please contact the Foundation at 239-533-7575 option 5.

$50 Brick Endowment

Your donation will assist in creating beautiful brick paved paths in selected areas in the park. Each brick is engraved in recognition of the donor or may be endowed to a friend or family member.

Your brick engraving is limited to a maximum of 3 lines with no more than 15 characters per line including punctuation and spaces. *Please note: The creation and installation of the bricks is a time consuming process, which can take up to 6 months. Be assured that your order is on file and will be processed as quickly as possible.
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$100 up to $10,000 Botanic Garden Donation

Support the enhancement of the Lakes Park Botanic Garden! Your donation will help us keep the 18 acres of Botanic Garden a beautiful place for people to visit. Not only is the Botanic Garden a place for those to learn, it is also a place for those in our community to enjoy nature and a refresh their mind.

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Corporate Partnership

The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation has several programs that allow corporations and businesses to participate in providing assistance to the park. Please contact Lake Park Enrichment Foundation President Wendi Carroll at 239-533-7575 for more information on our corporate partnership program as well as other corporate opportunities.

Pavilion and Nature Sculpture

As a donor of a pavilion or nature sculpture your donation will assist in the implementation of unique aesthetic statements throughout the park. Engraved plaques of recognition will be placed on beautiful pavilions and a variety of nature sculptures in special locations throughout the park. For more information on endowing a pavilion or nature sculpture please contact the foundation directly.